Job Description

  • Participate in semi-annual meetings of the BORC either in person or by proxy.
  • Serve on Education Board to advise and approve any Medical or First Aid issues in the Curriculum and to assist in the development of a standard National Curriculum.
  • Serve as a resource to the NSS, the BORC, and the NCRC regarding Medical and Health issues related to Cave Rescue.
  • Provide input to the Commission in its role as spokesperson for the NSS regarding Cave Rescue.
  • To serve, when possible and when requested, as a resource for information or advice for Cave Rescue resources within the Society.
  • Promote NCRC activities using a variety of techniques as appropriate and feasible. These may include attendance at NSS Grotto meetings and caving events, presentations before caving or community groups, etc.
  • Not to provide on-going Medical care to Seminar Participants, NCRC staff, or patients in on-going operations (The Medical Coordinator may perform these functions as part of their professional responsibilities, but not as a function of being Medical Coordinator).
  • Other duties as directed by the BORC or the National Coordinator.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Should hold the degree of Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy and should be licensed to practice Medicine in at least one State.
  • Whatever the Coordinator’s area of certification or specialty training, the Coordinator should have an interest in, training in, and experience in Wilderness Medicine and Emergency Medical (Pre-Hospital) Services.
  • Should have completed at least Level II of NCRC training.
  • Be a current member of the National Speleological Society.
Adopted February 7, 2004