Approved February 18, 2006

This policy shall be implemented in any situation arising during any NCRC event which results in a serious safety concern or bodily injury to staff, instructor, student, or bystander.
All outstanding immediate safety issues should be addressed, all injuries should be attended to, and necessary medical attention sought.
An initial NCRC Incident Report shall be completed within 24 hours of the incident by the Instructor in charge of the exercise.
A committee will be appointed as soon as practical by the Training Coordinator or his representative.
The committee is charged with:

  • Collecting all relevant information, including statements or reports from those present at the incident (staff, instructor, student).
  • Consulting with any individuals the committee deems appropriate and approved by the Training Coordinator to provide specialist input.
  • Analyzing all the information with regard to establishing a probable cause of the incident. The purpose is not to establish blame of any individual or individuals, only to try to establish a time course and possible precipitating factors.
  • Suggesting possible measures to lessen the chance of re-occurrence of the specific or similar events.
  • Creating a report summarizing the events, analysis, and recommendations.
  • This report shall be forwarded to the Training Coordinator for review.

The Training Coordinator shall review the report. He or she may accept the report or return it to the committee for further work. When the report is accepted, the Training Coordinator may, at his or her discretion, forward the report or a summary of the findings to the Board of Regional Coordinators.
The BORC shall review the report or summary thereof and consider implementing the recommendations of the committee.
All aspects of this report shall remain confidential and can not be published in its entirety or in part. All member of the committee are prohibited from public discussion or disclosure of the contents of the report.

Download Incident Report Form pdf