NCRC Instructors,
I am pleased to announce that the official invitation from the Hungarian Caving Instructor Committee has arrived! The NCRC/HCIC Instructor Exchange program is now in its second year, and I am coordinating the attendance of one or two NCRC instructors at the HCIC training in Hungary. Even more exciting is that many of you met Dénes Nagy, HCIC Instructor, at the recent NCRC National Weeklong and he will be the lead instructor for the HCIC courses. Having been the first exchange instructor, I can personally say the trip and the course is an amazing experience. The experience and knowledge gained from a very technical and proficiently run course, combined with caving in Hungary and Slovakia in beautiful vertical caves is phenomenal. And since the course is free, and the Hungarians being excellent hosts, there is no downside except the vacation time and the cost of the flight.
You'll find attached a copy of the invitation with all the basic details. You'll also find attached a copy of my report from 2015 with a Summary on the first page, and extensive details on the remaining pages.
If you are interested in going, contact me using email or call me at 914-879-7803.

Mark Dickey
917-271-4500 x201


2016 National Cave Rescue Commission

Cave Rescue Operations and Management Seminar
May 7-14, 2016
Camp Skyline, Mentone, Alabama
$675. Meals and Lodging Included

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National Training Seminar
6/16-6/24 2017
Bend Oregon

NCRC Regional Level I Lava Beds

Registration Info
2016 NCRC Western Region Modular
Saturday, May 14, 2016 - Sunday, June 26, 2016
Near Fresno CA
7695 North Van Ness Blvd
Fresno, California 93711
United States
Orientation to Cave Rescue training hosted by El Paso County SAR and Cave of the Winds near Manitou Springs Colorado on April 30th and May 1st 2016.
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